Research and Technical Skills

Research skills

Scientific information seeking, academic research

Writing & proofreading

Academic writing and publishing, promotional, technical, and journalistic writing, editing and proofreading, storytelling


Moodle, Google tools, Canvas

Digital repositories

DSpace, OHS

Library management systems

Koha, Library World


Drupal, Joomla, WordPress

Academic journals management

OJS | Scopus, WOS, Google Scholar, Copernicus | DOI registration

Web development

HTML, CSS, basics of PHP, data exchange and parsing (JSON, XML)

Layout design

Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker/InDesign

Raster and vector graphics

From Adobe and CorelDRAW packages to mobile apps

Video editing

Preferably Adobe package


Audio editing and podcast creating; Various Wiki and bibliography referencing software; Presentations and infographics

Teamwork and Collaboration


Running and coordinating small businesses, NGOs, research groups, periodicals, and volunteer projects

Educational management

Educational products ownership, promotion of learning products, moderation of study events

Editorial process

Chief-editor experience, coordination of all stages of the editorial process

Collaboration & broad network of contacts

Researchers, businesses, governmental institutions, opinion leaders, media, publishing and advertising companies, designers, developers, volunteers, freelancers, contributors, and reviewers within academic journals

Event management

Concept development, organization and moderation of online and offline educational and scientific events, promotion, media coverage

Project management

OKR, Kanban, Gantt methods within various teams


Lectures and learning activities for adults and teenagers


Fundraising, budgeting, collaboration with outsource accountants


Ukrainian, Russian – native

English – C1

French – A1

Polish – at the very beginning

Teamwork and Collaboration

Photographer. Scuba-diver, triathlete, motorcyclist. Candidate for master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics.