Master's thesis "Subjectivity and its transformation in the digital society of the beginning of the XXI century"

Kyselova, Y. (2013). Subjectivity and its transformation in the digital society at the beginning of the XXI century. Thesis for the degree of Master of religion studies, speciality 8.020301. Donetsk National Technical University, Department of Philosophy. 

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Philosophy of digital age

In this interdisciplinary study at the intersection of philosophical and religion studies, I analyse the concepts "subject" and "subjectivity". In the light of the ontological approach, subjectivity appears as the fundamental characteristic of the culture that shapes all its spheres. I identify and analyse religious foundations of subjectivity and argue that it is always constituted as a relationship between a person (subject) and some extra-subjective reality (nature, God, society etc.). Then I trace the historical dynamics of Western European subjectivity in terms of three paradigmatic shifts: in the Ancient world, Middle ages, and Modernity. Finally, I reflect on the beginning of the 21st century as a period of the fourth paradigmatic shift of subjectivity, considering the emergence and development of modern information and communication technologies as one of the essential prerequisites of this shift.