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Since switching from industry to academic career I published over 100 scholarly and popular texts including my first book on business, a chapter in a collective work, 14 academic articles, 30+ conference proceedings, 7 expert interviews, and 40+ popular articles. Most of them are published with the name Ilami Yasna, except early papers written under the passport name Yuliia Kyselova and penname Yurii Kyselov. I am currently adding the rest of the non-scholarly publications. You may also check my and Google Scholar profiles for the latest updates.

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    Kyselov, Y. (2005, 2006). Collection of small business ideas: The way to financial independence. Kyiv: Publishing house A.S.K. ISBN: 966-319-012-4.   

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    Years ago, it all started with a business. And books about business, sure. It was a book written by a fourth-year student, with a funny cover, a pathetic title, a fictitious biography, naive texts, and no idea of using literature and correct citing. But then it was a real act of transcendence for me: from the world where was nothing but money to something I couldn't name yet. So, I love this book and I am proud of it, anyway. Maybe, this is the most important of my writings, current or future, as I wouldn't become who I am today without it. It's funny, but it's also my most successful publication: only the paper edition had got 20,000 readers. I got real royalty, received letters from readers... questions I could not answer. So, even today, when these searches have finally led me to philosophy, this book still matters to me.